Over 30 years in T.V. Animation 

Sheridan college: Class of ’92

I’ve been drawing since I figured out how to make marks on paper with a pencil, starting off drawing cartoon characters I saw on TV as a child. The passion for art and drawing followed me through my schooling and I enrolled in the 3 year Classical Animation Program at Sheridan College in 1989. I’ve been employed in one or another studio doing storyboards, character/prop design , layouts and animation since before I graduation in the summer of 1992.

From the PBS series Arthur to an animated Peanuts short, Care Bears, Inspector Gadget and beyond, I’ve been steadily employed for 30 years. 

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Not Just Animation

Comics, Illustrations, Graphics and more!

Though I try to stay engaged in television contracts whenever I can, I supplement this with contracts and commissions in other fields and styles as well! I’ve done children’s book illustrations, achaeological and paleontological illustrations for publications, and have published several graphic novels and comic books! 

Dinosaurs, fantasy settings, video game sprites, artifacts, bones, and cute little fluffy animals,  I have done it all. 

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Not Just Drawings!

I’m a storyteller and an actor too.

My passion that drove me to drawings is not just being able to capture a character or an object on paper (or on screen), but I love to tell a good story. I love to make these story worlds real and vibrant.  With much  of my professional experience as a storyboard artist, and having spent over 16 years writing my own sequential stories, I have much experience in building worlds and making characters live in them.   I’ve even dabbled in voice acting!

I’ve always been told that my true strengths lie in making worlds live and breath and come alive for people.  It’s what makes me do my work for studios, private clients, and for myself on my own time.